This article shows two distinct methods of running SonarQube against a Javascript Project running on our local machine, by the use of:
1. Docker
2. An npm module sonar-scanner.

The Docker’s way:

Have Docker installed on your machine, we are halfway through the process already!

To run Sonarqube server:

docker run -d --name sonarqube -e SONAR_ES_BOOTSTRAP_CHECKS_DISABLE=true -p 9000:9000 sonarqube:latest

Browse localhost:9000 to view Sonarqube UI.
Log into the portal with username and password admin.

Log Into SonarQube with username admin, password admin

Configuring your Project:
Navigate to the root of the project to add a file named This is the file that guides sonar-scanner to report the analysis to Sonarqube server.

This story describes how one can generate iOS passes with the help of an npm module `Passbook`.

One of the reasons to write this up is the challenges I had to come across to collate all details with minimal documentation available online.

Hopefully, this article helps one to generate iOS passes with no much confusions.

Demystifying Pass Jargons:

Passes can be of types boardingPass, coupon, eventTicket, storeCard or generic. Here I will generate a pass of type `storeCard`.

To do so, the mandatory data required comprises passTypeIdentifier, serialNumber, description, teamIdentifier and other optional fields - backgroundColor, foregroundColor, organizationName, webServiceURL etc.

Let’s consider two objects in sight. One of the two objects for some reason, wants to know whenever the other object changes its state to get updated with every change.

One way is for that object to constantly ask its object of interest if it has changed. This has to be done strenuously indefinitely. Hence there arises questions as to what would be the time interval between each ask? Would the other object’s update frequency be quick enough to cater to every modification that the object of interest has gone through? Talk about scaling! …

Pooja Gee

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